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Ruddy crust, thin dough, abundant vegetable, cheese or meat filling — Americans love pizza in various variations and adore May 20, on this day that National Pizza Party Day is celebrated. Organize trip to real Italian restaurant, choose pizza, classic or created according to an experimental recipe with addition of unusual ingredients (fruits).

The History

Dish, appeared in usual form in Middle Ages and belongs to Italian cuisine. They cook traditional dish according to family traditions, guarded, kept secret. Tortillas made of dough with stuffing were cooked in Ancient Greece, adding herbs, olive oil. Soldiers of Persian army cooked similar dishes on battle shields heated by sun rays. Pizza was brought to the USA by Italians chosen country of opportunities for future happy life. First Italian restaurant was opened in New York in 1905.

Interesting Facts

Main ingredients in the filling of delicious dish are melted cheese, spices, selected sauce.

  1. The best way to eat pizza is to give up forks/knives, eat with hands as tradition dictates.
  2. Pizza is common food option for parties/happy holidays. It creates atmosphere of friendliness, freedom, helps to relax, communicate freely.
  3. Pizza is favorite food, varied due to recipes. Real pizza cooked in oven has the thinnest, transparent dough.

Enjoy freedom, express emotions, drink wine and don’t forget to thank chef for treat in authentic style of European homeland!

When is National Pizza Party Day celebrated in 2022?

National Pizza Party Day is observed on the third Friday of May.