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Dog and cat owners celebrate National Pet Day every day, but official holiday date is April 11. Try to give pet surprise: treat, new toy. Show more attention, to play.

The History

In 2006 animal advocate Colleen Paige created holiday as sign of gratitude to pets for positive emotions they give to person. Activist focuses on problems associated with homeless animals, dogs and cats in shelters. She urges abandoning the services of professional breeders, in effort to find devoted friend to contact shelters, kennels. Animals show great devotion, appreciate kindness, care, strongly attached to person becomes loving master. For the first time holiday appeared in the USA. Now it is celebrated in different European countries, Australia, Israel.

Fun Facts

Spending time with favorite pet has beneficial effect on human health: risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases, anxiety goes away; depression due to stress is leveled. Cholesterol decreases, blood pressure stabilizes.

70% Americans are pet owners willing to spend large amounts of money on caring, good nutrition, regular medical examinations.

Parents try to please child and present long-awaited puppy or kitten on holiday. It’s cute and symbolic, date is subsequently celebrated.

Pet can be not only cat, dog. People not picky about smells get guinea pigs. Rabbits occupy separate rooms, can be trained. Reptiles are «settled» in a bathtub, large aquariums. These are silent friends. Birds — will be happy to talk, discuss pressing matters.

Did you congratulate your kitty? Take picture, share photo of happy, contented pet. Post it on your page, create separate cat’s account. After work — scratch its belly, listen to the melodious gentle purring. A pretty good day!

When is National Pet Day celebrated in 2022?

National Pet Day is observed on April 11 each year.