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Holiday for gourmets, sweet lovers comes on April 13, when Americans celebrate National Peach Cobbler Day with great love for fresh berries, fruits, amazing fillings. Everyone tries soft, airy peach pie: easy to cook, bring joy to family, friends.

The History

Dish was «brought» to American continent by Europeans founded numerous colonies. First mention of classic recipe dates back to 1850. Pie was prepared for breakfast, served as dessert at final stage of dinner, lunch. Guarantee of taste was fresh fruit, in some territories it was not easy to get. First, biscuit was prepared and then fruit mass was brought to readiness. They were used to warming up comfortable Dutch ovens. Numerous variations of Peach Cobbler are popular. Base remains unchanged: flour, sugar, berries and fruits. Holiday originated in 1950 created to increase percentage of sales of canned peaches. In April, consumers bought reluctantly.

Fun Facts

The biggest Peach Cobbler is 11-foot-long dessert created at festive in 2007.

  1. Peach Cobbler’s ancient ancestor is… ancient Roman pie based on meat, flour treated to 200 B.C.
  2. Forget about diet! Piece of cake contains up to 500 calories. Benefits are in peach riches in vitamins A (improving vision, preserving skin elasticity) and C (supporting immune system).
  3. Americans like giving Peach Cobbler with two servings of vanilla ice cream, classic accompaniment for dessert.

Baking dessert is great activity bringing together, help establish relationships. Invite relatives, loved one. Bake pie according to traditional recipe with fresh peaches, use original baking molds.

When is National Peach Cobbler Day celebrated in 2022?

National Peach Cobbler Day is observed on April 13 each year.