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National Orange Juice Day is a great occasion for all people to make healthy drink at home, buy it ready-made in the store and share it with family, friends and colleagues. Orange juice is very useful, so a holiday was established in its honor.


National Orange Juice Day appeared recently. The main purpose is popularization of drink rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and many useful microelements.

Orange juice improves appetite, improves mood, improves immunity. In addition, this delicious drink is considered a fairly effective diuretic, anti-cancer and hematopoietic agent. It helps to overcome anemia, obesity, colds and infectious diseases.

Considering all useful properties, orange juice deserved to have a National Day established in its honor.

Interesting Facts

Orange juice is the most popular in the world. 85% of all grown oranges are used for its production. Drinking orange juice, you need to consider some of its features:

  • It isn’t recommended drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Increased acidity can cause indigestion.
  • The acidity of oranges has a negative effect on tooth enamel, so it is recommended to drink through a straw.
  • Natural juice invigorates, refreshes well.

When is National Orange Juice Day celebrated in 2022?

National Orange Juice Day is observed on May 4 each year.