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National One Cent Day is celebrated by patriotic Americans on April 1st. On this day, true fans of their Motherland tell children about how the state arose, how it got on its feet, why this coin, as well as the dollar, marked the departure from belonging to Great Britain. The UK had its own smallest coin – the one penny. And the one cent became another important step towards independence, which was sought for by the inhabitants of the United States of America in those distant years.


The 1-cent coin had been invented, designed and approved for release by Benjamin Franklin himself and then it was minted from copper. It was a little larger than its modern version and had some slogans on obverse and reverse, which symbolized the goals of the new state. It was so-called «fugio-cent», so named because of the inscription in Latin «Fugio». Fugio is a Latin verb, which means «to run away» in the 1st person. That cent seemed to be saying – «I’m running away from the rule of Great Britain». There were also other mottos on it, for example – «Mind your business» in the meaning of taking care of one’s own concerns. The inscription encouraged the new citizens of America to take care of their well-being and work hard for the future. And another (the third) inscription on the fugio-cent was «We Are One». It meant that the people of the new state became one not in words but in deeds. The mottos of that time and now are very relevant for modern Americans.

How to celebrate

  • For a true patriot this day is a good occasion to plunge into the history of the Motherland’s emergence and development in order to understand why it became what it is now.
  • This is also a good reason to learn about the conditions in which the first settlers had to live and even fight for their independence.
  • One can discuss these days with like-minded people – it is just another occasion to remember Homeland’s history, almost the same as on Thanksgiving Day.

When is National One Cent Day celebrated in 2022?

National One Cent Day is observed on April 1 each year.