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If news came to you while flipping tape during household chores break, stop doing it: National No Housework Day is on April 7. Washing, cleaning allowing keep house clean are postponed. Do this tomorrow, not today. Relax, say categorical «no» to routine, household duties taking up much time to be devoted to pleasant things.

The History

In the XIX century there was clear social role’s differentiation: men earned money allowed to hold high-paying positions, work hard for benefit of family. Women were engaged in household management. Active women rights struggle has brought opportunity to vote in elections and … choose job. In modern world if man stay at home, cooking, caring for child, not surprised. They do excellent job. Housework is facilitated by technological progress. Invention of various devices, «smart» technologies saves time. Smart robot vacuums, specially «trained» machine washes dishes, conveniently. Automated devices cannot anything. Person is forced to wash windows, floors, iron bed linen. Holiday is needed. Don’t lose in everyday duties routine. Holiday founders are Thomas and Ruth Roy.

Interesting facts

Electrical and gas appliances simplify life were invented at the beginning of the XX century.

  1. Scientists have found: no matter how thorough the cleaning of house was. It’s impossible to finish, it requires extra effort.
  2. Time person spends to put things in order at home is reduced by 20-minute rule. Clean up small garbage every day, keep clean, not spend hours on general cleaning.
  3. Despite relative gender equality in household women commit more manipulations.
  4. We spend more than 10 thousand hours on homework.

Alternative holiday name — «I’ll do it tomorrow», famous phrase by Scarlett, novel «Gone with the Wind». Life is short, stop wasting time on prosaic things! Relax, recharge positive emotions, next day you give full-fledged fight to dust, dirt, dark stains.

When is National No Housework Day celebrated in 2022?

National No Housework Day is observed on April 7 each year.