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Stop accumulating plates in sink after meal, popularity of National No Dirty Dishes Day, scheduled for May 18, is obvious. Cleanliness frees up space, is the key to good changes. Used unwashed dishes clutter up perimeter, making «heavy», affects mood, surrounding atmosphere.

The History

Porcelain tableware has special value; material was invented by the Chinese in 600 A.D. At the beginning of the XVIII century, porcelain appeared in Europe thanks to efforts of German pottery master learned Eastern technology, began to apply it in native country. In the second half of the XIX century, disposable paper tableware appeared. Everyday life became easier with advent of dishwashing detergents went on sale in the 1930s. Housewives consider this huge useful achievement, importance is difficult to overestimate.

How to celebrate

On holiday, choose food that does not require serving with dishes that will later be washed and cleaned of fat: pizza, hot dogs, mozzarella, burritos, boiled eggs, fried chicken, tacos and burgers. It’s fast food.

  1. Give up cooking at home, go to bar, restaurant.
  2. Use disposable plates, forks, spoons.
  3. Wash dishes in sink, the best way to celebrate wonderful holiday of cleanliness, neatness. There will be mood to invite guests appreciated order in house.

Chinese philosophy says dirty dishes are sign of internal contradictions, hidden aggression and irritability. Get rid of negative emotions with help of useful practical exercises. It helps, it works! Empty clean sink is way to creation, pure thoughts.

When is National No Dirty Dishes Day celebrated in 2022?

National No Dirty Dishes Day is observed on May 18 each year.