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National Moscato Day is much beloved holiday among connoisseurs of wine drinks. Wine made from a special grape variety is characterized by a very low alcohol percentage, so everyone can celebrate for a long time.


Muscat is one of the most popular grape varieties in Italy. Many wines are made from Muscat. For Moscato wine, specialists use the Muscat Cannelli. Moscato is made dry, semi-sweet, sparkling, dessert. Its rich and light taste is liked by many people. And thanks to the low alcohol percentage, this is perfect drink for parties.

First Moscato National Day was celebrated in 2012, initiated by Galo family, running the family wine business since 1993. They invited all connoisseurs of good wine to raise a glass of light tasty Moscato with a good toast in good company.

Interesting Facts

We will tell several interesting facts about Moscato and the day dedicated to it.

  1. In the US, Moscato is the third most popular wine.
  2. Manufacturers offer different variations of drink – white, rose, red, for a harmonious addition to one’s favorite dish.
  3. The most popular toast is «For the National Moscato day!». It can sound many times a day.
  4. Competitions can be arranged to determine who will drink more Moscato.

When is National Moscato Day celebrated in 2022?

National Moscato Day is observed on May 9 each year.