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On holiday named National Make Lunch Count Day dated in calendar belongs on April 13 you need to have lunch, you cannot ignore important meal allowing recharge energy, continue working productively in afternoon. Breakfast Calories received in morning are not enough to maintain activity until dinner skipping meal.

The History

In 1850, lunch became separate «official» meal between breakfast and dinner. Holiday was created in 2016 on initiative of American restaurant chain TGI Friday’s serves classic and specialty dishes according to national recipes.

How to celebrate

Denied regular meals, you can turn into angry, nervous, irritable person colleagues will avoid. It is harmful to health, digestive system.

  1. Gather large group of friends, go to lunch. Everyday affairs did not allow getting together: everyone has own affairs, worries. The holiday is the great occasion to make promises true!
  2. Plan lunch in advance. Determine restaurant, time; make sure urgent things are done allowing enjoying meal, feel festive atmosphere.
  3. Treat lunch to someone who can’t afford because of financial difficulties. Noble gesture will not require effort bringing gratitude, appreciation from stranger in straitened circumstances.

Lunch is chance to replenish strength in working day. Long-awaited break, after you start performing tasks with renewed enthusiasm, inspiration.

When is National Make Lunch Count Day celebrated in 2022?

National Make Lunch Count Day is observed on April 13 each year.