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7 billion people live on Earth, what is probability of meeting person not related with similar appearance; understand on April 20 on National Look Alike Day holiday. People say you look like movie star or popular music artist? Perhaps he is your double, not surprising. Copy may be colleague from foreign branch, person living in neighboring state. It’s impossible to predict. Amazing miracles happen.

The History

In 1980, Jack Etzel worked on American television, met many people, noted interesting phenomenon. It occurred to him to create new holiday dedicated to people with identical facial features.

How to celebrate

Skeptics believe copy of irresistible personality is mirror reflection? What if it is the better version, more beautiful, intelligent, attractive and charming? We want to find person with resemble way of thinking, interests, hobbies. At the same time, we seek to express individuality in various ways, emphasizing uniqueness. Is it useless? Reflect, write essay, intriguing post on topic, accompanying hash tag.

  1. Easy to find application quickly identifies similarity with famous personality, just upload portrait photo of good quality.
  2. Create cosplay for actors, actresses, popular movie, comic book characters. Artificially created analogy, but it looks spectacular.
  3. Convince friend to dress the same, go to party the same guests are invited according to appropriate dress code. Fun!

Imagine Daniel Radcliffe. He looks like Elijah Wood. Keira Knightley looks like Natalie Portman; Javier Bardem looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They are famous «twins». How many mysterious similarities are in the world?

When National Look Alike Day celebrated in 2022?

National Look Alike Day is observed on April 20 each year.