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Librarians have a lot of knowledge; time to admire fact comes on April 16, when National Librarian Day is celebrated. Librarians — people sitting in dusty rooms among bookshelves, give out books, take them away, make catalogs, forbid making noise in reading rooms with strict voice? It’s mistaken opinion about interesting modern profession. Librarians participate in various master classes, additional readings, work with children and organize discussions, clubs on reader interests.

The History

First American libraries were private organizations accessible to wealthy people paid membership fees for opportunity to receive printed publications. In the XIX century, free public libraries appeared, ordinary citizens could get into. Popularity of libraries increased significantly in society during Great Depression, books became the only available entertainment for people, saving them from sad reality. Catalogs of electronic books are collected in modern institutions; many works are adapted to audio format. You can listen to them on the road or doing manual labor in parallel. Libraries are becoming center for teaching linguistic, civic seminars. Hospitable cozy corner: fascinating book and soothing atmosphere, conducive to reflection, analysis, contemplation, await every visitor.

Fun Facts

Librarians — specialists working in multitasking system are always aware of current trends in book industry. Erudition helps to support discussions, find arguments in dispute.

  1. First public library was opened by order of Benjamin Franklin in Massachusetts. Her foundation consisted of publications donated by institution founder.
  2. The largest library in the world is located in the USA, The U.S. Library of Congress.
  3. There are more libraries in the United States than McDonald’s fast food restaurants.

Comprehensively developed individuals make significant contribution to country’s culture. Return books to the fund, take publications you have read, take care of books, invaluable source of knowledge.

When National Librarian Day celebrated in 2022?

National Librarian Day is observed on April 16 each year.