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Event, where refreshing delicious drink becomes integral attribute, is called National Ice Cream Soda Day and take place on June 20. Every American family, separate state has chance to boast of unique, inimitable recipe for cooking, presentation of summer treat.

The History

Like most of the greatest inventions in various fields, drink appeared by chance. There was mixing of ingredients. Robert Green participated in fair, sold carbonated drink. Suddenly ice ran out. It was unacceptable to serve treats in warm form. Merchant decided to add portion of ice cream to glass and… invented national treasure.

Interesting Facts

Alternative version of appearance of ice cream soda marks key role of pastry chef named Fred Sanders. He was in charge of sales at candy store. When customers demanded sweet drink, seller added cream for characteristic cloying taste. When dairy product ran out, ice cream was used.

  1. There is a variety of flavors, additives. Americans like to decorate drink with fresh berries, fruits (peaches).
  2. Ice cream was invented in middle Ages in Italy.
  3. Baskin-Robbins is famous for wide choice. Every new day for a month they presented new taste.

Ice and fruit were combined 5 thousand years ago. Dessert equivalent to modern sorbet was formed, ancient treat with centuries-old history.

How to celebrate

Visit institution serves cream soda, try new interpretation. Give variety to taste buds, expand palette of sensations. Create the holiday for children, let choose favorite drink and do not refuse if they ask for supplements on hot day in height of summer.

When is National Ice Cream Soda Day celebrated in 2022?

National Ice Cream Soda Day is observed on June 20 each year.