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Time to call your pet, blow into nose, pat behind ear — on April 10th National Hug Your Dog Day. Time to inform beloved dog about strong love, devotion.

The History

Holiday was founded by Ami Moore, dog breeding specialist. She decided to pay attention to fact: dogs need human attention. Holiday celebrated in the UK was dedicated to everyone who has pet. Dogs play important role in society. They are responsible social workers: serve in police, search for dangerous prohibited substances, help to find missing people, provide support to people with disabilities. Valuable employees received awards — medals, delicious food. They deserve separate hug holiday, they feel love, be grateful.

Interesting facts

When hugging hormone oxytocin responsible for manifestations of tenderness is released. Opposite of stress emotions. It helps to be healthy, getting sick less.

  1. Humane Society was founded in 1954. Organization helps dogs have no owner to survive. Every year participants save 2 million animals.
  2. Special restaurants invite guests with pets, allow sharing meal. Great idea for celebration. Menu is separate, love is shared.
  3. Dogs want to be in company. Do not leave them alone: you will find ruined shoes, stripped wallpaper.
  4. Professional breeders believe Americans love dogs less than Europeans.

Take your pet for a walk, play ball, run, give attention on this holiday.

When is National Hug Your Dog Day celebrated in 2022?

National Hug Your Dog Day is observed on April 10 each year.