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If you appreciate surrounding home comfort, think about professionals provide it, difficult to find better reason than National Hug a Plumber Day. Holiday is celebrated on April 25 and makes you think about importance of profession. Imagine real disaster would happen if water pipes were not repaired in time, sewer system was not checked. World plunge into chaos, there will be dirty water, unpleasant smell, you forget about washing machine operation and taking fragrant bath in evening. Appreciate specialists know job perfectly.

The History

First sewerage system appeared in the XIX century. People need to have established mechanism for disposal of household, industrial waste. In 1940, internal water supply system structure underwent major changes. Previously, pipes were made of lead. Scientists discovered lead acts as toxic compound; equipment began to be made from safe copper.

How to celebrate

Use simple way to express gratitude to plumber — hug.

  1. Send unusual gift to specialist friend in form of original part, device. Take care of elegant packaging, cheerful greeting as accompaniment.
  2. Share contacts of good master. Tell about professional copes with duties perfectly, allows not being distracted from everyday issues by malfunctions. Good recommendation is important and useful.
  3. Thank plumber allows saving family budget. Poor-quality work, faulty plumbing require huge sums of money for repairs. Qualified employee knows parts last longer, how to make engineering mechanisms work smoothly, correctly.

Plumber work is admired. Few are to work in terrible conditions surrounded by unpleasant bad smell, understand technical nuances of water supply system installation, operation. Let’s appreciate plumbers, we are grateful for work, give hugs!

When National Hug a Plumber Day celebrated in 2022?

National Hug a Plumber Day is observed on April 25 each year.