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Essential holiday for society, marked by struggle for rights of minorities, is celebrated on May 16 and called National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. Remember, pay tribute to those went through difficult path from beginning and did not retreat faced with contradictions, difficulties.

The History

In 1978, first parade dedicated to gay freedom took place in San Francisco; holiday was marked by demonstration of rainbow flag. In 1994, Felipa de Souza Award was established. It goes to defenders of LGBT rights, freedoms. In fall of 2012, memorial appeared in Chicago became basis for open-air museum exhibition. In summer of 2019, Wall of Honor was created in New York with names of community activists.

Interesting Facts

In New York, the LGBT association includes over 270 thousand people.

  1. First multicolored flag symbolizing community displayed 8 stripes created by artist Gilbert Baker. Meaning of colors: pink — sex, purple — spirit, orange — healing, yellow — sun, red — vital energy, green — natural harmony, indigo — patience and tranquility, turquoise — creativity.
  2. Names of famous LGBT Elders: Jean Eversmeyer, John Hudson, Frank Kameny, Grethe Cammermeyer.
  3. On holiday, conversations are held, thanks are expressed to fighters for freedom, respect for civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people. Many Elders, because of uncomfortable feeling of them in society, prefer to «close down», remain silent, for avoidance discrimination, negative attitudes. It’s so unacceptable in modern progressive world. Freedom of expression should be present.

On holiday, honor people belonging to the LGBT community who show courage, perseverance, sincere passion in achieving significant social goals. This is worthy of respect, opportunity to be heard.

When is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day celebrated in 2022?

National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day is observed on May 16 each year.