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Unusual original holiday is celebrated on April 19 as National Hanging Out Day. Time to evaluate benefits of using clothesline for drying clothes: eco-friendly, allows saving electricity, economical way to cope with household chores, save a budget. Advantages are undeniable, whole holiday in honor of simple invention!

The History

In 1995, organization Project Laundry List provided significant financial support for presentation, recognition of holiday. Separate mission, goals are to attract attention to eco-friendly ways saving resources. Ambassadors recommend washing in cold water.

Interesting Facts

It’s nice to feel aroma freshness of laundry washed dried in open air. Give preference to method. Take care of environment, health.

  1. In Ireland clotheslines are thrown over streams. This «structure» is called Irish string, functionally justifies.
  2. Electric dryers consume 10% of electrical energy.
  3. Sunlight is natural antiseptic. If you dry laundry in yard natural way, clothes disinfected, white things acquire natural shade, become whiter.

Create volunteer society at school, tell children how profitable useful it is to replace automatic appliances, choose simple ways to solve household tasks. Saved money is spent on bright clothespins!

When National Hanging Out Day celebrated in 2022?

National Hanging Out Day is observed on April 19 each year.