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When June comes to an end, National Handshake Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of the month. We note the importance of a welcoming and approving gesture, which helps people to seal agreements and express sympathy.

The History

In ancient civilizations, a handshake meant sealing a deal. This is evidenced by the images on the walls and ceramic products belonging to the period of the existence of Assyria and Ancient Greece. A handshake often begins business and friendly relations between people. It is of great importance in forming the first impression of a new acquaintance, interlocutor, opponent, or colleague. The holiday appeared in 2005 and is celebrated every year.

Interesting Facts

For different people, the handshake has a separate meaning, which may differ from the generally accepted one in the European and American worlds.

  1. In the middle Ages, knights grabbed the hands of rivals to prevent them from using weapons hidden in the sleeves of ammunition. The gesture is of a warning and defensive nature.
  2. At the initiative of religious communities, in the XVIII century, people began to greet acquaintances by removing their hats or tilting their heads. The handshake was used when communicating with people of equal social status.
  3. The intensity, strength, and quality of a handshake tell us about a person in the same way as facial expressions, physiognomy, and noticeable vegetative reactions to external stimuli.

Do not forget that germs and bacteria spread during a handshake. Keep your hands clean and use antiseptic products to protect yourself and others and keep the opportunity to openly express emotions.

How to celebrate

The gesture has a positive meaning and indicates belonging to a certain group. Note this in the circle of close friends when you invite them to shake hands in honor of a national event. We also suggest reading written sources describing the secret meaning of the gesture. Masons and closed societies have developed their own system of passwords and secret signs transmitted by shaking hands. Learn more about interesting facts and share information on your social media account.

When is National Handshake Day celebrated in 2022?

National Handshake Day is observed on the last Thursday of June each year.