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This person always listens to your complaints about your domestic troubles, and gives advice, while at the same time giving you a beautiful hairstyle. Celebrate them on May 27, National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day. This is a real opportunity for specialists to receive sympathy, empathy, goodwill, smiles, and appreciation in return.

The History

Need for this holiday was voiced by the developers of the Booksy beauty services application, who were aware of the difficulties hairdressers face psychologically during a working day. Beauty salons b opened everywhere in American states in the 1920s. Hairdressers were in demand, new trends appeared, and people strove to look stylish, changing their appearance regularly. In 2008, mental support hairdressers provide to their clients, playing the role of psychoanalyst while providing their main service, was discussed. In 2020, training programs for specialists aimed at providing moral support to clients appeared. A year later, Booksy launched a program for stylists with the mutual goal of achieving psychological harmony.

Interesting Facts

Scientists found hairdressers are not subject to severe stress at work due to their love of their profession. However, scheduling and constant communication with people exhaust them, and may affect the health of workers who are not fully rested.

  1. Most hairdressers have a tendency to worry and anxiety.
  2. 90% of American stylists are women.
  3. The American beauty industry employs about 700 thousand people.
  4. Hairdressers serve an average of a dozen people a day.
  5. Many people do not like to change their hairdresser.

Give up your egocentric tendencies. Show interest in your hairdresser, discuss their experiences and feelings with them. It strengths social ties and supports their mental health!

When is National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day celebrated in 2022?

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day is observed on May 27 each year.