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You feel specific smell of spices, National Garlic Day has come on April 19, and it will be spicy. No need to kiss, relax and enjoy favorite food. Do you like garlic bread and spicy fried potatoes? Welcome! Take double portion in honor of holiday.

The History

In Ancient Egypt, garlic was positioned as product having divine essence. It was placed in tombs next to deceased pharaohs’ bodies, part of saying goodbye, organizing a trip to world of dead. In Ancient Greece, garlic was carried by warriors to battles, athletes during competitions to achieve success, invulnerability, victory over enemies. In the middle Ages, garlic was used to treat smallpox, the best remedy. During the First World War, soldiers used garlic as disinfectant to treat wounds. In modern world, garlic is important ingredient in salads, soups, main courses, sauces, used by famous chefs to create new taste accents.

Fun Facts

Americans love garlic, 10% of citizens eats it raw, only half of amount is embarrassed to kiss after meal!

  1. Garlic becomes sweet presented in frying pan or boiled with sugar to caramel state.
  2. In ancient civilizations, garlic was used as money for making trade transactions of purchase, sale.
  3. Amazing protective properties of garlic are known to history: it protects against vampire attacks. Girls were defending from evil demon’s invasion.
  4. Garlic is useful product: reduces blood pressure, normalizes cholesterol, beneficial effect on immune system and avoids inflammatory processes inside body.

Prepare unusual dish for holiday: garlic ice cream, lollipops, sweets and cakes, add almonds, herbs. Children don’t like garlic, adults ready to experiment try new things!

When National Garlic Day celebrated in 2022?

National Garlic Day is observed on April 19 each year.