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Sweet associations are evoked by holiday celebrated by adults and children on May 13; this bright spring extravaganza is called National Fruit Cocktail Day and refers to drinks, light salads from juicy fruits. Treats can be useful and harmful, depending on amount of sugar added to cocktail, acceptable individual carbohydrate allowance. No need to talk about boring things, it’s better to enjoy palette of juicy flavors.

The History

First fruit cocktail appeared on sale on shelves of American stores in 1893 in form of canned product. It was made from fruits had unattractive appearance for sale in fresh form. Herbert Gray, presented creation in 1930, is called creator of natural fruit cocktail. Culinary achievement was officially recognized in 1958.

How to celebrate

Making cocktail is simple: buy favorite fruits, cut and mix. There is no single canon in recipe.

  1. Go on picnic, put dish/fruit in basket. Enjoy a meal in nature in pleasant company.
  2. Children love drinks made from fruit mixture, do not miss chance to add positivity, treat familiar kids.
  3. Adults on holiday taste soft drinks and … brandy liqueurs with addition of fruit ingredients. Unusual mild taste gives sweetness, freshness, sharpness.

Fruit cocktail is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, increases immune abilities. Addition of thick syrup reduces beneficial properties. Fruit cocktail noticeably makes festive table attractive due to bright colors. Quick delicious solution to bring joy to invited to share a meal.

When is National Fruit Cocktail Day celebrated in 2022?

National Fruit Cocktail Day is observed on May 13 each year.