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April 8 is holiday for people cannot resist delicious Spanish cuisine — National Empanada Day is celebrated. It is customary to feast on fried and baked pies with variety of fillings. Dish is common on Iberian Peninsula, Argentina, Latin American countries. This is simple treat. Without pretensions to haute cuisine, pies are favorite treat evoking childhood emotions, memories of traveling on South American continent, Philippines Islands (Spanish heritage) or Mediterranean Europe.

The History

First mention of dish dates back to Middle Ages. Book dated to the middle of the XVI century describes cooking method used by Catalan residents. Dough was stuffed with seafood. Historical «ancestor» is samsa — triangular fried meat pie, popular dish of Eastern peoples (among residents of South Asia, Arab countries).

Interesting facts

Name comes from «empanar» meaning «breading».

  1. Pies are prepared from dough by baking or frying. Filling — meat, vegetable, fruit. Carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, glass noodles, guava can be used.
  2. Portugal traditional empanada is made from pork, tuna, sardines. Tomato sauce is made with addition of seasonings, spices for sharpness.
  3. Every region people like cooking empanadas boasts of own original recipe.
  4. Corn flour dough is used for cooking in Venezuela. Peanut paste pie is made in Colombia.

Empanada is fashionable to notice at parties, holidays in countries of Spanish-speaking world. This is an ideal option for buffet. Small pieces can be eaten on the go directly with your hands. Empanadas are loved for the exotic in the USA. It has become native, understandable for unique taste.

When is National Empanada Day celebrated in 2022?

National Empanada Day is observed on April 8 each year.