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The «delicious» holiday — National Deep Dish Pizza Day — is celebrated on April 5! Is there one person indifferent to thin dough, juicy filling, tomato sauce? New York continues unspoken confrontation with chefs following Chicago tradition of cooking pizza. Ordinary people are happy at the opportunity to enjoy new flavors, traditional dishes in original presentation.

The History

Pizza appeared in Italy. In ancient times this word was understood as an ordinary butter cake. Pizza adored by fans of delicious high-calorie food appeared in the XVIII century in Naples. In the USA the treat was brought by Italian immigrants, it happened in the XIX century. The first pizza in a deep dish appeared in North Side Chicago restaurant owned by Riccardo and Sewell.

Interesting facts

Follow the traditions: eat pizza with your hands, enjoy simple things.

  1. Some are convinced the best pizza is Margarita: simple, delicious, nothing superfluous.
  2. There is an opinion pizza in a deep dish is a real casserole. The debate escalates on a national holiday, but it doesn’t come to a fight: it’s hard to fight with full stomach, dopamine dulls the feeling of aggression.
  3. 4% of gourmets prefer «complex» exotic filling pizza, the rest like classics.

Chicago Windy City hospitably tempts guests loved delicious snack. Visitors have a meal, take glamorous pictures in photo zone.

When is National Deep Dish Pizza Day celebrated in 2022?

National Deep Dish Pizza Day is observed on April 5 each year.