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National Day of Prayer is annual holiday held on May 5th. This holiday Americans are called to pray for their country and loved ones.


The idea of establishing this day was first proposed by the first American President George Washington. He suggested that people of different religions could gather in one place, say prays for their country. Until 1952, National Day of Prayer wasn’t approved by the US Congress.

After this holiday’s approval, people are called to turn to God in words. Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Jews – Americans of different faiths read prays for their country and loved ones.

Interesting Facts

National Day of Prayer has several interesting factors:

  • Each year, President of the United States must sign proclamation calling on citizens to pray.
  • Not all Americans support this celebration. Organization «Freedom from Religion» expressed disagreement and even filed a lawsuit to ensure the Day of Prayer wasn’t designated as constitutional celebration. Their attempts weren’t successful.
  • In addition to collective prayers, American people arrange great festive dinners with musical accompaniment dedicated to various prayers for America.

When is National Day of Prayer celebrated in 2022?

National Day of Prayer is observed on the first Thursday of May each year.