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Flowers bring beauty, the best moment to feel is April 5, National Dandelion Day. Flowers are not weeds to be destroyed the lawn at the house remains flawless. Believe rich in vitamin flowers can be useful.

The History

Dandelions grew in warm climate regions on Eurasia 30 million years ago. People accustomed to using the plant as an additive food. «Dandelion» according to one version comes from the French phrase «diente de Leon» means «lion’s tooth». The etymological legend provokes questions, it sounds exciting epic.

Interesting facts

Vineland — the unofficial dandelion capital. New Jersey — the largest flowers supplier to the consumer market.

  1. Dandelions can become a substitute for raw materials in rubber production.
  2. Do not rush to get rid of plant. Dandelion has deep roots; it pulls water from the deep soil layers. Plants grow next to dandelions and haven’t a branched root system get the opportunity to receive sufficient nutrition.
  3. Dandelions are used for cooking, added to tea. Varieties of wines imply the presence of dandelion in composition.

On National holiday refuse to pick that flower and eat it! Enjoy the visual beauty and natural harmony of unity with nature.

When is National Dandelion Day celebrated in 2022?

National Dandelion Day is observed on April 5 each year.