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On May 14 time to have fun on National Dance like a Chicken Day. Remember events elementary school students moved amusingly to music of song about funny birds, repeat movements exactly.

The History

Famous song appeared in Switzerland in middle of the last century. Author is Werner Thomas, took as basis well-known folk motif. In the USA, composition became popular in the 70s. Copyright was bought by Mr. Mills added text about ducks. Creation found completed form, German dance group decided to present dance. Participants did not find suitable costumes, appeared in chicken’s images, not ducks. Accident happened in 1981 in Oklahoma at folk festival. Mills granted right to use composition as accompaniment in commercials, earned thousands of dollars. Song belongs to classic retro, holiday was created to remember hit.

Fun Facts

Initially, it was about dancing ducklings.

  1. More than 100 versions of song are known.
  2. Several tens of millions of records were sold with dance song recordings.
  3. Children in kindergartens, primary classes were taught to dance to rhythmic music, hilarious to watch spectacle.

Repeat movements: bend knees/arms at elbows, press them to body like wings, shake hips to music, straighten up and clap hands 4 times. Repeat same number of times. Dance, teach children wonderful dance, uplifting and making laugh, smile!

When is National Dance Like a Chicken Day celebrated in 2022?

National Dance Like a Chicken Day is observed on May 14 each year.