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Lovers of sweet desserts rejoice and look forward to pleasure of June 7 on National Chocolate Ice Cream Day when secrets of favorite delicacy are revealed. We recommend preparing or buying ice cream in advance to celebrate event, having ready solution.

The History

Inhabitants of Europe in middle Ages enjoyed chocolate, created drinks based on it. Chocolate ice cream was created earlier than vanilla. First recipe was found in cookbook in Italy in 1692. Ice cream appeared on sale in 1934. Sweet product was called Eskimo Pie.

Interesting Facts

Chocolate ice cream is a double portion of pleasure.

  • Delicacy is excellent antidepressant, confirms effectiveness consumed after hard day, conflict at work, quarrel with lover, watching bad weather, gloomy news, reports.
  • Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago are American cities where the largest number of chocolate lovers live in the USA.
  • Mint chip, strawberry, cookies, vanilla, rocky road — ice cream flavors that are popular among Americans.

This is easily accessible transfer to childhood filled of fun events, carefree laughter.

How to celebrate

The best choice of institution to visit on the holiday is retro bar: cooking according to old recipes. There it is available to order chocolate ice cream in original version without newfangled additives. When creating dessert at home, let imagination run wild. Add favorite kind of chocolate, sauce.

Bowl of ice cream as eloquent protest against boring diets and advice of sports coaches is wonderful end to working day full of stress, tension, pressure. This is way of encouragement body will be happy about. Mood increases due to production of dopamine. You deserve it.

When is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is observed on June 7 each year.