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Americans’ favorite dessert cookies become center of attention on May 15, citizens not indifferent to sweets begin to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day and remove crumbs around mouths with a satisfied look. Do not hesitate; delicious treat should be absorbed with pleasure in convenient way.

The History

In 1938, Ruth Wakefield decided to improvise, sprinkle fresh cookies with chocolate chips, inadvertently creating new dish. Sweets began to be sold in 1940. Semi-sweet chocolate was used in cooking, classic option. Product became real hit in the 60s. Now it is allowed using sweet mixtures of dark/white.

Fun Facts

Chocolate chips recognized as official dessert of Massachusetts. Significant event took place in 1997.

  1. Recipe allows creating real culinary art objects from cookies deserved attention, delight of gourmets.
  2. Cookies are eaten with ice cream or separate dish; chips are added to cupcakes, buns and various confectionery pastries, caramel.
  3. Sweet ingredient to create the largest cookie in world weighing 40 thousand pounds, recorded on Guinness Book’s pages.

Come up with own way to make cookies unforgettable, create dish with chocolate secret component is not obvious, play game, see who in family has better taste buds.

When is National Chocolate Chip Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chocolate Chip Day is observed on May 15 each year.