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National Cherry Day

July 16

National Cherry Day - July 16

Sweet, fragrant cherry has long been a symbol of summer, sunny, good weather. Not surprisingly, this berry is dedicated to National Cherry Day, which is celebrated every year on July 16th. Cherry can be sour, sweet, tart, red, yellow; various desserts, sauces and drinks are prepared from it. In America, about 650 million pounds of berries are harvested annually.

The History

Cherries were used in cooking in the Roman Empire, representatives of the Chinese dynasties loved to eat red berries. The first settlers brought cherries to America on ships in the 17th century, and the cultivation of trees on an industrial scale began in the middle of the 19th century. The first cherry orchard appeared on the Old Mission Peninsula (Michigan) thanks to the efforts of Peter Dougherty. Since the climate here was ideal for growing cherries, the harvest was plentiful and tasty. A little later, a berry processing plant was opened.

Interesting Facts

  • The most popular cherry variety in America, thanks to which the berry has spread throughout the world, is Maraschino.
  • In the Balkans and Italy, Maraschino cherries were added to the local liquor, and the finished product was sent to America.
  • In 1896, the production of a new product began in America – the recipe proposed in the Balkans and Italy was slightly changed – the amount of liquor was reduced and almond oil was added. The decision was then made not to use liquor. In the first half of the 20th century, the American version of the cocktail cherry became the most popular in America.

How to celebrate

There are many cherry farms in America that are interesting to visit with the whole family and enjoy outdoor recreation. On many farms, guests are allowed to pick their own berries and are then treated to delicious desserts and cherry drinks. Make a cherry treat with your own hands, and if you are brave enough and reckless, take part in a bone-spitting contest. Spend it in the city of Eau Claire (Michigan).

When is National Cherry Day celebrated in 2022?

National Cherry Day is observed on July 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday July 16 2022
Sunday July 16 2023
Tuesday July 16 2024
Wednesday July 16 2025
Thursday July 16 2026


July 16
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