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On June 16, professional National Career Nursing Assistants Day is celebrated when attention is paid, appreciation is expressed to medical workers provided invaluable necessary assistance to doctors, patients. Work is less visible, but it has enormous significance.

The History

Nurses during First World War proved indispensability. Specialists worked hard in difficult conditions, they needed psychological, physical help at some point. Red Cross created organization to support medical stuff. So there was special holiday in honor of dedicated workers from medicine.

Interesting Facts

In post-war period, association lost relevance and was revived during Second World War, when nurses on front line, in rear again faced heavy overloads.

  1. At beginning of XX century, nursing assistants did not have special training, at the end of century they were required to undergo training so assistance they provided was qualified, professional.
  2. In peacetime, specialists work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and boarding houses.
  3. National Network of Career Nursing Assistants is organizer, financial backer of event.

Duties of people in profession include caring for patients, ensuring movement, comfortable stay in position, preparing for procedures, communicating with relatives, creating primary documentation.

How to celebrate

Competent care of patients after surgery, implementation of medical care for elderly, support for patients in various departments of clinic is significant layer of professional activity of nurses/assistants. Thank them; wish good health, moral and physical strength! Sign, send postcard, prepare delicious dessert and treat nursing assistants as appreciation.

When is National Career Nursing Assistants’ Day celebrated in 2022?

National Career Nursing Assistants’ Day is observed on the first day of National Nursing Assistants Week.