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Sweet tooth is looking forward to the coming of National Caramel Day on April 5! This day is sweet and salty, sticky and sticky, unforgettable! Make desserts contained caramel as layer, pastry cream, cakes part. It gives a unique flavor.

The History

The first recipes using caramel appeared … a thousand years ago. Arabian people boiled water, brought sugar to crystals, cooked delicious sweet candies. Heated sugar turned into a syrup of a viscous consistency of an orange hue. The Europeans adopted an unusual experience. They began to implement various ways of making sweet caramel treats.

Interesting facts

People enjoy eating caramel ice cream, puddings, cakes, custard. Now caramel is made not only from water and sugar. Milk, salt, fruit pulp, vanilla, butter, cream liqueur are added.

  1. «Caramel» has a Franco-Spanish origin.
  2. Caramel can be liquid, hard, soft.
  3. Dan Walker is the person to whom we owe the appearance of the dessert «candied apples», without which no folk festivals in American cities can do. This man decided to experiment for the first time by mixing the flavors of caramel and fruit. His work became successful.

April 5 is the suitable day to enjoy dessert, learn how to cook. Invite friends to visit, make holiday warm like sugar syrup.

When is National Caramel Day celebrated in 2022?

National Caramel Day is observed on April 5 each year.