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On June 26, the unusual event on the continent of North America is celebrated, this is National Canoe Day, when there is no need to look for reasons for a river walk on a narrow wooden boat with oars. This is real challenge to adventurers.

The History

The initiators of the foundation of the national day were Canadians, employees of the Museum of Canoes in Ontario. They created an event for the residents of the city and… had a wonderful time. A buffet with light snacks was organized. Music was played, and guests had the opportunity to ride a canoe. The evening was brilliant. The organizers decided to repeat the event and established a celebration.

Interesting Facts

The canoe has the status of a Canadian wonder of the world.

  1. The oldest vessel was found on the borders of… Holland. The artifact, according to the research of archaeologists, was used in the 8th millennium B.C.
  2. The first canoes were made of coniferous trees. The boats were used to travel along commercial water routes.
  3. The canoe differs from the kayak in the shape of the seat and paddle.

Modern ones have metal elements, high sides.

How to celebrate

Feel free to go to Canada. In the Peterborough, you can see an entertaining thematic exposition. Take a boat trip and learn how to row, master the technique of U-turns. A new sports hobby for life will appear!

When is National Canoe Day celebrated in 2022?

National Canoe Day is observed on June 26 each year.