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Look into the lens and smile; you are being filmed because National Camera Day comes on June 29. Photos are evidence of our lives’ video chronicle, which is able to return to the past and revive memories. This is a valuable memory resource embodied in a material structure. Take pictures more, don’t wait for a special occasion, catch the moments and perpetuate the fleeting beauty of life!

The History

Photos are a way to tell a story with visual images. Taking pictures has become an art, and photographers have become masters of technical nuances, color, and light capabilities. Pinhole cameras were used, a black box with a hole, a light trap. The image was projected onto an inner flat surface. Later, cameras with film appeared, which required development to take pictures. Modern smartphones and devices allow you to create instant photos and share them with people. This is a celebration of technical, digital, and information progress?

Interesting Facts

The word «photography» means «writing with light» in Greek.

  1. To create static exposures for the first photos, there were dead people in the frame. Filming was a laborious and lengthy process.
  2. Psychologists believe that group photos are attractive; the facial features of each participant are softened. In portraits, the shortcomings and advantages of the face are clearly perceived.
  3. In old pictures, people do not smile, because it took several hours to create a photo, and it is problematic to strain the facial muscles for a long time.

The first self-portrait in the photo appeared in 1839, its author was Robert Cornelius.

How to celebrate

Take spectacular pictures with your own camera. Evaluate its technical characteristics when creating a portrait or panoramic photo. If the quality is not suitable, it’s time to learn a new technique so as not to lose the chance to capture more beauty on the national day, which is unique.

When is National Camera Day celebrated in 2022?

National Camera Day is observed on June 29 each year.