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April 7 is a holiday called National Burrito Day that lovers of traditional Mexican dishes will not miss. Wheat tortillas with various fillings is served in American restaurants, treat is popular. It’s delicious.

The History

First time word «burrito» was noted in dictionary published at the end of the XIX. Dish was described as tortilla meat and vegetables were wrapped in. In the USA burritos as restaurant menu item began to appear in the 30th of the last century. First places Mexican snack was served — restaurants in California, Los Angeles. Later numerous burrito recipes began to appear in American cookbooks. Traditional burrito is tortilla, beans and minced meat. American interpretation — variations of filling: rice, tomatoes, cheese, avocado. Rich selection of sauces: salsa, hot chili, sour cream. Since 1975 burritos have been offered as breakfast allows recharging energy for coming day. First time burritos as morning meal with potatoes and cheese were offered in New Mexico, novelty spread throughout the southwestern states. Breakfast familiar to Americans — constant offer in fast food restaurants, as tacos.

Interesting facts

«Burrito» in translation means «little donkey», word was used for bales, cargo, luggage loaded on animal back.

  1. Holiday is not attached to specific date celebrating on first Thursday of April.
  2. Burrito has a piquant taste: sauce ingredients add spice. Served with guacamole, seasonings.
  3. Americans welcome unusual additives: French fries, scrambled eggs, onions, sushi wrapped in tortilla.
  4. Restaurants hold themed promotions: serve original dishes, organize restrictions on the quantity sold. Food is fresh and cooked on the spot, trying something new you need to not miss the moment and be on time.
  5. Meat filling — chicken or beef.
  6. Burrito should not be confused with fajita, where the filling is served separately, person chooses filling to create for the tortilla roll.

The best way to celebrate is to organize party and an open kitchen, invited guests will pick burrito at will.

When is National Burrito Day celebrated in 2022?

National Burrito Day is observed every year on the first Thursday in April.