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National Brothers and Sisters Day is important family holiday. The purpose is strengthening family relations, as well as to honor the memory of deceased siblings.


This holiday’s founder is Claudia Ewart. In childhood, girl had a severe trauma when she lost brother and sister. Claudia couldn’t come to her senses for a long time.

Later, woman appealed to public calling to take care and give love to the dearest people. She emphasized that brothers and sisters are God’s gift. Also, woman urged to remember deceased siblings.

Claudia’s words were heard. In 1997 new family holiday appeared – National Brothers and Sisters Day.

Interesting Facts

What facts do we know about siblings?

  1. Holiday dedicated to siblings (Raksha Bandhan) is celebrated in India. The main thing is national ritual: sister ties a ribbon on brother’s wrist, which, according to legend, protects from diseases, troubles, evil spirits. The guy never takes ribbon off. Brother, in turn, gives his sister a gift and promises to protect and help her.
  2. Family relations topic is often raised in literature and cinema: «Three Sisters», «Brothers and Sisters», «Pyramid».
  3. In the United States, 80% of residents have siblings.

When is National Brothers and Sisters Day in 2022?

National Brothers and Sisters Day is observed on May 2 each year.