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If you want to be rich, indulge crazy desires, start on May 20 at National Be a Millionaire Day. Event’s meaning is to afford luxury purchase or its imitation, joined life of successful rich people.

The History

First owner of the huge financial fortune was John D. Rockefeller in 1916. He earned capital in oil industry, gained huge influence on economic and political spheres. Concept of national idea in form of the American dream indicates everyone has chance to become millionaire.

How to celebrate

Pay attention on charity work. It’s not amount of money important, but fact of making donation to organization engaged in filling needs of people/pets in need.

  1. Go to car showroom, order test drive of dream car.
  2. Go on journey. New places give positive emotions essential for success.
  3. Distribute debts, fulfill credit obligations.
  4. Order special dish, exquisite drink for dinner was refused in order to avoid spending money.

Most millionaires have special way of thinking. It’s difficult to change way of thinking. On holiday, performing active action characteristic of rich helps to get closer to sweet feeling of owning the world. Let’s remember, main wealth is hidden in spiritual qualities, kindness.

When is National Be a Millionaire Day in 2022?

National Be a Millionaire Day is observed on May 20 each year.