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Visit to hairdresser resembles presence in psychotherapy room, clients are ready to share secrets, ask for advice; show reciprocal interest, holiday celebrated on May 19 and called National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day was created specifically for this. Working with people is not easy, at the end of working day employee feels tired from endless flow of information, pay attention, make communication easy, friendly.

The History

In 2020, organization was created in the UK hairdressers are trained to provide psychological assistance to clients. Holiday is organized by creators of Booksy application unites employees working in field of beauty/appearance care services. Goal is to provide support to employees of beauty salons, make it clear they deserve rest and are not obliged to devote lives to other people’s problems if it becomes hard. Creators are focused on organizing professional space for barbers to discuss own difficulties.

Interesting Facts

Scientists found creating new hairstyle; image has positive effect on mood, helping to be open, sociable, and confident.

  1. Barber’s profession is creative. It requires dedication, love of work, talent. Barbers work more than 40 hours a week to build successful career in competitive business.
  2. Americans prefer to visit favorite barber. They choose specialist, further entrust look to him.
  3. 70% of barbers prefer to work independently, developing in profession along individual path.

Show barber appreciating his participation, work and say words of approval. Excessive frankness makes barber feel uncomfortable, discuss abstract situations, not intimate things. Let’s respect boundaries.

When is National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day in 2022?

National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day is observed on May 19 each year.