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Wonderful holiday in communion with nature is celebrated on April 29, this is National Arbor Day and a time to remember which tree is symbol of home state. The great reason to plant own tree, watch it grow, bloom. This is new life, useful thing for environment.

The History

First celebration is associated with resolution of Congress to organize Yellowstone National Park, event dates back to second half of the XIX century. Holiday date is «flexible». Most celebrate it on Friday becomes the last in April. In Alaska, celebrations are held in May, in Hawaii — November.

How to celebrate

  • Residents of megacities rarely visit nature, the huge omission. Go on picnics, walks, hiking, finding peace, harmony. Take care of nature, clean up garbage.
  • Take part in action organized by Ecological Society for Protection of Forests.
  • Trees are cut down, wood is considered valuable raw material for production of furniture, accessories, paper, packaging. Attract public attention.
  • Take walk in forest belt. Feel fresh air. Mood is guaranteed to improve, inspiration to create appears: draw, sing and dance.
  • Some people manage to plant alleys, groves, walk among grown-up trees with sense of satisfaction, sincere joy. It’s eloquent example to follow.

When is National Arbor Day celebrated in 2022?

National Arbor Day is observed on the last Friday in April.