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Appetizing holiday takes place on May 13, free up central place on table, invite guests, congratulate on National Apple Pie Day demonstrating hospitality, friendliness. In North America, treat appeared in the XVII century became national dish.

The History

Early recipes date back to medieval era. First recipe is dated 1514 written in German. In the UK, old dish’s incarnation allowed combination of apples with pears. In Scandinavian countries, treat was decorated with crackers; oatmeal was used, served on table as dessert with ice cream. French were the first to come up with idea of creating caramel combining with cheese, pie acquired bright rich taste.

Interesting Facts

Dish is relevant in summer and winter because of perfect compatibility with cool shade of ice cream and «hot» flavor of spices added to cook’s wishes.

  1. Pie is easy to bake, follow the classic recipe: dough, cream, fruits; open for imagination, improvisation: add ingredients you like in baking.
  2. Huge variety of variations of the classic pie is observed. People try new dishes, compare with traditional taste.
  3. On holiday, American restaurants intend to surprise, offer unusual pies on menu, pleasant discounts on crown dish.

Do you know difference between apple pie and pudding? Subtle nuance, secret lies in amount of egg white added. Pie according to original recipe is prepared in oven, consisted of flour, sugar, apples, spices: cardamom, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Create own unique recipe reflects individuality of family culinary tradition.

When is National Apple Pie Day celebrated in 2022?

National Apple Pie Day is observed on May 13 each year.