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May Day is bright and interesting celebration. Holiday is held richly, with obligatory organization of fairs, parades, unique street festivities.


May Day appeared in 1978. Historians disagree on events caused this holiday. Some believe its origins are laid back in the Roman Empire. With advent of summer people worshiped, thanked the Nature’s goddess, rejoicing in gentle sun rays and fragrant flowers. Others believe holiday appeared due to ancient rituals helping people in agriculture. Symbol of worship was the Tree of Peace (Maypole), which connected heaven and earth.

Today’s traditions of the May day are quite similar to ancient rituals. People dance under the maypole (often a simple pole that residents set up in the center and decorate with colorful ribbons). People dress up in Jack-in-the-Green, putting on fresh greens.

Interesting Facts

In different parts of England, celebration of May Day has different characteristics.

  1. The festivities begin the night before. People visit pubs, clubs, have a lot of fun. At 5 am, they can go up to the roof of Magdalen College tower and loudly sing the traditional anthem marking the beginning of the May day.
  2. Small towns and villages in the southwest of Britain. People keep old traditions, choose the Queen and the King of May, who lead the holiday.
  3. In the daytime mass celebrations are held. At night people light bonfires, sing, dance until the morning.

When is May Day celebrated in 2022?

May Day is observed on May 1 each year.