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Remember short poems with made-up words, humorous content and celebrate wonderful holiday Limerick Day fell on May 12. Read funny lines, share. Cheer you up; allow showing wit in company of friends, colleagues.

The History

Similar rhymes appeared in the XVIII century in Great Britain. Edward Lear contributed to popularization of Limerick genre. Poet has created more than 200 poems, which at first reading will not reveal true meaning. Words used are imagination’s figment. Poem has 3-5 lines owned unique rules for creating rhymes. Plot implies definition of place, acting character, description of actions: classic canon. In books, content is accompanied by illustrations to understand funny puzzles. Modern limericks reflect current difficulties; raise acute social, political issues, kind of satire on reality.

Interesting Facts

Meaning of limericks seems absurd, funny, rude, boorish, vulgar and even sometimes unnecessarily cruel: tribute to creator’s original sense of humor. Poets choose unusual opportunity of self-expression.

  1. Origin of word «Limerick» is associated with name of Ireland city.
  2. Person not has talent for literature, creativity can write limerick: it is easy, interesting, fascinating, gives funny result.
  3. People who don’t like classical poetry may show emotional response to limerick. Entertaining reading makes think, easier to relate to difficulties at work, family, life.

Limerick is associated with childhood, allow going back to past, when boys/girls at school desk for first time get acquainted with funny poems, names of heroes, funny deeds. Read favorite old poems to your son, daughter. Simple affordable entertainment makes escaping from everyday worries.

When is Limerick Day celebrated in 2022?

Limerick Day is observed on May 12 each year.