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Iris Day was established to honor this beautiful spring flower. Irises are found in painting, perfumery, poetry and, of course, magnificent flower arrangements. Why not dedicate a day to this luxurious flower?


It’s not known when Iris Day was established, holiday is held every year on May 8th. The origin of the word «iris» has Greek roots. This was the name of the goddess of rainbow. This explains flower’s name, which can be any color except red.

Iris is revered in many countries, being considered tenderness, purity, nobility symbol. In Japanese culture, iris is believed to protect against negative and evil energy, it can often be found in household items and clothing.

In perfumery, iris and orris root are popular ingredients, giving the fragrance delicate, powdery, sweetish, airy sound. In flower arrangements, irises look original, bright. They don’t outshine other flowers, emphasizing their beauty.

Interesting Facts

What interesting things do we know?

  • Iris is assigned different meanings depending on its color: yellow – passion, white – innocence, purple – wisdom, blue – fidelity.
  • Renowned artist Vincent van Gogh made 2 iris paintings highly valued in contemporary art world.
  • Despite the fact that red irises don’t exist, it is such a flower that adorns white background of the flag of Florence.

When is Iris Day celebrated in 2022?

Iris Day is observed on May 8 each year.