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Event with touch of piquancy is celebrated on June 2; this is International Sex Workers Day. It was created to raise awareness about environment of providing services of intimate nature. Event attracts attention to issues of attitude towards employees. They face brutality, humiliation, illegal actions on part of police, authorities and clients.

The History

Trigger for organization was events took place in 1975, in Lyon. Sex workers came to revolt to inform public, authorities about terrible working conditions, unfair exploitation. French law enforcement officers acted aggressively against sex workers. This led to formation of secret underground organizations, shadow business. Sex workers lost protection were abused. Protests changed situation for participants for the better. The holiday was first held in 1976.

Interesting Facts

In Spain, this day is called Day of Sexual Exploitation, in Germany — Hurentag, in English-speaking world — Whore’s Day.

  1. International Day has bloody episodes in retrospect. Reasons for riot, expression of discontent with French workers were 2 murders. Occupation of church, strike followed from side of the people infringed in rights.
  2. Strike of sex workers in Lyon lasted 8 days, police were powerless.
  3. Rise of social tension in France in the 70s was facilitated by absolute inaction, indifference of government.

French police officers during conflict acted against pimps, drug dealers collaborated with sex companies, identified cases of sexual abuse of minors. Police’s actions were aimed at combating crime related to activities of prostitutes, prostitution itself was legal.

How to celebrate

Raise awareness, read documents freely available became main reason for appearance of day of protection of people engaged in piquant intimate industry. Get rid of stereotypical attitude towards sex workers! This reduces horizons, causes formation of subjective picture.

In 2011, reading of «Women without rooms» took place in German city of Bochum. It showed difficult situation in Europe in field of sexual services has not improved qualitatively. Signs of deterioration in terms of working conditions, attitudes towards people are manifested.

When is International Sex Workers’ Day celebrated in 2022?

International Sex Workers’ Day is observed on June 2 each year.