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On May 6, people celebrate International No Diet Day. Essence is teaching people to love their bodies. This sense fits well into popular body positivity wave.


The first No Diet Day was held in 1992, initiated by Mary Evans Young. Being very plump, girl heard a lot of bullying. Experiencing nervous stress, Mary Evans tried to lose weight, adhered to strict diets. As a result she became anorexic.

Overcoming her illnesses, woman decided to help people appreciate their bodies. At first holiday’s organization was planned only in the UK. Later Mary Evans decided to make holiday international.

Different date was originally chosen. American authorities expressed concern that day coincides with Cinco de Mayo celebration. For Mary, date wasn’t important, and she agreed to reschedule it. May 6th was selected. This date coincidentally coincided with Mary Evans’s birthday.

Interesting Facts

If you decide to join the holiday, you can celebrate it with something tasty. What do experts say?

  1. Doctors argue diets can cause serious harm, as the body doesn’t receive necessary microelements.
  2. Diets often give short-term results. Body gets a lot of stress, and after diet, requires more food.
  3. It’s healthier and more effective to eat right (without excessive sweets, high-calorie sauces, fast foods), do not overeat, make small portions.

When is International No Diet Day celebrated in 2022?

International No Diet Day is observed on May 6 each year.