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On May 13 time to celebrate International Hummus Day and experiment with chickpea recipes to surprise guests. Classic way of cooking came from Lebanese, Israeli cuisine, perfectly caught on among European, American population. Haven’t tried it yet? Time to catch up!

The History

«Homeland» of hummus is Middle East. First mention dates back to the XIII century, it was contained in cookbook in Arabic. Hummus is widespread, popular in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Greece. Holiday originated in 2012 from idea owned by Ben Lang. He conceived concept of uniting East and West by favorite food.

Interesting Facts

Hummus is based on chickpeas, sesame paste, garlic, paprika, lemon juice, olive oil.

  1. Traditional serving implies presence of boiled eggs, fresh bread cakes, raw onions, allowed adding pine nuts.
  2. Hummus is dietary product; benefits are nutritious, low in cholesterol. With regular use, positive changes in health are noticed: blood sugar levels are normalized, risk of heart disease is reduced and digestive tract improves.
  3. Hummus cooked without additives has unexpressed neutral taste. There is sourness from lemon, sweetness from nuts, chickpeas. Sesame gives a creamy shade.
  4. Dish is served together with fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander), used as sauce for falafel, meat, fish dishes, added to soup.

Hummus is aphrodisiac justifies presence at romantic dinner. Joke combined with scientific fact. Hummus really contains protein stimulated sexual function. Low-calorie food increases energy. Celebrate holiday actively!

When is International Hummus Day celebrated in 2022?

International Hummus Day is observed on May 13 each year.