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International Firefighters Day is a professional holiday, a day of gratitude and recognition of such a dangerous profession. Firefighters save people, animals, property, infrastructure from fire. Unfortunately, fighting fire can take heroes’ lives.


International Day of Firefighters is preceded by very sad events. In December 1998, a massive fire broke out in Australian forests. Firefighters couldn’t cope, and called for reinforcements. Five firefighters went to help them. But as soon as they got the place, wind changed drastically, blowing in their direction. The fire killed 5 men in a matter of minutes.

In January 1999, International Firefighters Day appeared. Why May 4th? This is the day of St. Florian Lorch – patron saint of all firefighters according to Catholic traditions. In addition, in some countries on May 4, the Firefighters Day was already established, and they decided to make it international.

Interesting Facts

Some highlights of International Firefighters Day:

  • It’s customary not only to celebrate, but also commemorate heroes who chose a dangerous profession and gave their lives to save other lives.
  • The symbol of holiday is red (fire symbol) and blue (water symbol) ribbon.
  • In some countries, May 4 is approved as the day of all emergency services saving lives.

When is International Firefighters Day celebrated in 2022?

International Firefighters Day is observed on May 4 each year.