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July 11 is a day rich in events and holidays. It is on this day that International Essential Oils Day is celebrated. For a quarter of a century, people have made significant progress in the methods of production and use of essential oils. It is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Today, oils are used in various industries and International Essential Oils Day is dedicated to their value and benefits to humanity. It is noteworthy that no essential oil can be patented.

The History

International Essential Oils Day was first celebrated in 2018 by Jared Turner, who served as COO of Young Living. Why 11 July? This date marks the birthday of Young Living founder Gary Young. Jared wanted to celebrate the event in a way that would express gratitude to the founder of the company, where a team of professionals gathered.

Today, International Essential Oils Day is not just a date, it is a platform dedicated to raising public awareness about the company’s products, as well as protecting the environment.

Interesting Facts

  • The mission of International Essential Oils Day is to educate people around the world about the benefits and unique properties of essential oils.
  • Aromatic plants were discovered thousands of years ago, and even then they were used in cosmetology and medicine. The first essential oils became available in 3000 BC, when they invented methods of processing plants – distillation and extraction.
  • Ready-to-use oils come in a variety of colors and aromas. Proper use of them helps to balance the work of the body and improve the quality of life.
  • A diffuser is a special device that saturates the air in the room with oxygen to increase the effectiveness of the use of essential oil.
  • Only 1% of plants are a source of essential oils.

How to celebrate

Tell us on social media about your experience with essential oils. Share your own recipes for face masks, hair. Inspire readers and subscribers with results, tell about the correct use of oils, life hacks. Be sure to try a new essential oil, there are many on the market today. Another way to celebrate International Essential Oils Day is to plant a tree to protect the environment.

When is International Essential Oils Day celebrated in 2022?

International Essential Oils Day is observed on July 11 each year.