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Children should have right to affordable education of good quality and International Day of the African Child draws attention to this. Date of June 16 encourages going to the past, recall tragic events associated with peaceful protests of young people in Africa. Event had sad result, but it became huge incentive to change catastrophic situation faced by children of continent.

The History

Representatives of younger generation of South African state in number of 20 thousand took to streets in 1971. They managed to walk distance of half a mile, demanded they be given opportunity to study in native language. Power structures suppressed public unrest in cruel way. Demonstrators were shot.

Interesting Facts

In Kenya, situation of girls/women is of particular concern on part of enlightened countries. They find themselves in disadvantaged position and are subjected to violence. Change situation, there is special charitable foundation, help it.

  • Ethiopia is African country striving to create optimal conditions in field of education for younger generation.
  • Association of publishers produces textbooks, fiction for children in Africa.
  • Education is part of path to successful life, self-realization and career. Issue of accessibility of education is priority for creation of progressive society where rights of citizens are guaranteed, ensured.

In 2002, famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey opened school for children in South Africa.

How to celebrate

To celebrate with dignity essential holiday for citizen of world, provide assistance at place of residence. Go to school, become volunteer and chat with kids. Find out needs, impressions from studying at local educational institutions, kindergartens. Read books about Africa, lives of people in countries on continent. Local residents face difficulties of social nature, discrimination, state/religious pressure. Support organizations of education of African children financially.

When is International Day of the African Child celebrated in 2022?

International Day of the African Child is observed on June 16 each year.