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May 15 is day of reminding values of society’s cell where traditions are formed, difficult to overestimate importance of International Day of Families, imbued with warmth, caring for loved. Embrace, find time in hustle and bustle of work schedule to relax with relatives, communicate, share innermost, learn to hear, understand loved ones.

The History

Holiday was established by United Nations in 1994. Proven: parenting given to child by parents has significant impact on formation of personality, character. Friendly atmosphere in family, based on attention, support, approval, is the key to stable positive psychological climate around teenager learning to comprehend world, realize his role, place. Development of child’s abilities, intellectual/emotional potential depends on mother and father.

How to celebrate

Start traditions strengthen family. Observance of customs, rituals creates sense of community, belonging to group, increases sense of importance.

  1. Families are unique; think what is especially dear in home: pride in achievements, memory of ancestors, care for grandparents and attention to children need presence of authorities among surrounding adults.
  2. Flip through old photo albums, find genus history.
  3. Call relatives living in other cities, congratulate on wonderful holiday!
  4. Organize family dinner in homely atmosphere.

26% of American families consist of child and one parent, 7% of parents raise children outside official marriage. Traditional view of family is changing, kind and attentive attitude to younger generation should be priority. Kids, like sponge, absorb conflicts, insecurities and vices, complexes, reflected in behavior of adults tired of everyday routine, dissatisfied with life. Task of parents is to provide necessary kids, abstracting from difficulties to convey sincere love, which they feel, appreciate.

When is International Day of Families celebrated in 2022?

International Day of Families is observed on May 15 each year.