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April 16 is occasion to tell partner about love, express gratitude for help, support; touching, gentle, moderately restrained holiday in man style is called Husband Appreciation Day and wives should know it.

The History

Holiday is celebrated on third Saturday of April. Heads of family are in spotlight. They are support, reliable protection against adversity. Being husband has been honor at all times. He made important decisions, distributed financial resources, responsibilities. Wives listened, followed husband’s decisions: patriarchal order of traditional family professing fundamental values do not lose relevance. Family is foundation of society. Husbands are significant part of family, allowing developing and succeeding. Gender roles are changing, basis remains unchanged. In modern marriages, there is sex’s equality. Women tend to take away essential functions. Wonderful when balance is maintained, husband acts in agreement on household management issues, not refuse activities. Presence of «balance» is guarantee of family harmony, half merit of husband.

Fun Facts

Word «husband» has roots in old Scandinavian languages means «owner of house».

  1. Husband’s role as defender was the key one throughout era. In ancient times, it was believed husband protects wife, children, servants, pets, property, responsible for everything
  2. Polygamy (husband is allowed to marry several times without terminating the previous one, surrounding himself with numerous chosen) is allowed in 400 societies.
  3. Practice of allowing a wife to marry numerous times is observed in 50 societies.

Celebrate holiday thinking about what man like. Pay attention (or leave him alone), cook delicious dish, tell about love and thank: he is unique, caring and responsible.

When is Husband Appreciation Day celebrated in 2022?

Husband Appreciation Day is observed every year on the third Saturday of April.