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If there is idea hairdressers are exclusively engaged in hair cutting, Hairstylists Appreciation Day convince otherwise. Holiday is celebrated on April 25. Find out about right profession, specialists help to look stylish, choose right image. Work gives confidence in attractiveness, affects life success. Stylists work as psychologists. Visiting clients confide their difficulties, share emotions, tell secrets friends and relatives do not know.

The History

Main tool in hairstylists work professionally is scissors appeared 2000 years ago. Profession gained popularity in XVIII century European kings, queens began to pay great attention to image. High hairstyles, fashion trends included wearing of wigs of various designs with decorative elements (feathers, sequins and even live birds). Hairdressing began to call art. Short haircuts for women came into fashion at the beginning of the XX century. Beautiful girls made choice in favor of convenience. People began to prefer styling with gel, hairspray in the middle of the last century. Famous actors became style icons. Ordinary American women aspired to have hairstyles like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Strict canons appeared. Hairstylists used creative approach in work to make unique. In new century, attention is paid to hair care; regenerating, nourishing procedures due to people began to dye hair in different colors. This negatively affects beauty, health.

Interesting Facts

To master skills and right to be called professional hairstylists need to study for 5 years, additionally take advanced training courses. Science, fashion, style are in constant development. There are new products, new trends. It is necessary to possess information, use it skillfully in working with clients.

  1. There is profession hierarchical ladder. Need to earn high title after specialty working for years.
  2. Cool hairstylist has knowledge in mathematics, chemistry and physics. He knows exactly proportions of coloring substances brought right shade on particular client’s head.
  3. Hairstylist takes care of safety, not do procedure if there are contraindications: pregnancy, allergic reactions detected after appropriate test.
  4. Hairstylists hate client can’t sit calmly, tilts head, spinning. Take mind off Smartphone screen, try keeping head straight during haircut, coloring —polite gesture towards master be able to do work client is satisfied.

Remember tip, expression of gratitude has value as sign of appreciation of hairstylist. Appreciate people create beauty.

When Hairstylists Appreciation Day celebrated in 2022?

Hairstylists Appreciation Day is observed on April 25 each year.